Zulu Zion is a young and independent brand established in 2013 by Miha and Dijana Rolc. Coming from a field of graphic design and communications, we wanted to create something that is physical and can still allow us to put our creativity into it. We decided on socks as this is an everyday fashion accessory we all need and we've always had a love for color, but found that the market did nothing for those that wanted a little more.


We design from our own perspective and like to make socks that not only feature an interesting pattern, but have more elements to it.

We source our inspiration from our childhood and teen age years as well as from various places we visit and cultures we encounter with. Our latest collection is inspired by the 80s nostalgia, Synth pop and the overall memorabilia from that era.

Zion Zion in essence represents fearlessness of combining color and graphic and we like to consider our socks as the one piece that adds Zing to the whole outfit, or at least makes you feel cheerful and positive.

To see what inspires us, our daily routines and creative outputs be sure to follow us on:

Facebook: fb.com/zuluwear
Instagram: @zuluzionofficial
Twitter: @zuluzionsocks

For all messages, whether you have an inquiry, customer question or just dropping by to say hi, email us at: info@zuluzion.com or use the contact box.