When designing our socks we are inspired by all the things that attract us at that certain moment, whether these are wall graffitis and street art, the endless shapes and patterns of nature or the memorabilia of the previous era and the champions of design and style. We travel and we absorb the cultures and mix all of that up to create socks that you will treasure more like an art piece than an everyday accessory. Because we believe that even an everyday accessory like socks should be something special - every piece of clothing you put on should be 'so you'.


All of our socks are designed and made in our tiny country Slovenia in the heart of Europe. We have teamed up with a factory very near by our offices, which insures us that we have instant control and can take great deal of care when designing and producing the socks.


Once our socks are produced, they need to be hand linked. Why hand linked? We have done tests prior our launch and realized that socks with machine sewn toes have shorter life-span and are not as durable as hand linked. We work with an organization for people with disabilities that do the hand linking for us - in that way we help the disabled integrate into a workplace, giving them confidence and support they need. This, for us, is one of the most full filing parts of the whole process.


We strive to make socks that not only look good but also feel good. That is why we use high quality italian threads to create socks that feature 88% combed cotton along with 9% polyamide which is used to create the wild graphic patterns that make our socks a bold statement and the 3% of lycra for the upper part, where the socks hug your beautiful legs, ensuring that they don't squeeze you too tight or slip down easily.

Socks have passed OEKO tex tests, which means that the threads have been dyed with non toxic colors and will not cause any irritation or harm to the skin.